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Patient Stories

Future 2020 Karate Olympian Fights Back from Full ACL Tear and Recovery

No Small Feat for a Mother of Two and Successful Marketing Professional When it was announced in 2016 that karate was accepted into the next summer Olympic Games, Christina Klinepeter decided to dust off her gloves and pursue her...read more

Patient Stories

Retooled swing powers Lyons’ Jack Ferraro

Lyons Township Senior Jack Ferraro is in Full-on Rake Mode The outfielder is in the midst of a memorable season after retooling his swing during the off-season. Through 12 games, the results have been a key reason for Lyons...read more

Patient Stories

MOR Physicians Help Patient Get Back to Active Lifestyle

Rob Satek, 46, a resident of Michigan and Florida, refers to himself as a ‘hard sell’ when it comes to doctors. “I like to do things my way, even when it comes to my medical care,” he explains. However,...read more

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