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The Best surgeon and staff you’re going to find. Very knowledgeable and honest from start to finish. I received a shoulder replacement and haven’t been this pain free for as long as I can remember. Shawn L | Google Reviews

Dr. Verma was professional, and very thorough during my appointment. His PA was also great. Both listened to me and I felt as though I was in great hands. Moving forward with my care I am confident in Dr. Verma and his staff will give me the best possible care. Mikey W. | Google Reviews

Best place to go for orthopedic problems. Dr. Verma did a “Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement” on my right arm and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Thank you Dr. Verma, your the best! John K. | Google Reviews

Dr. Verma and the staff at Midwest Ortho at Rush are top notch. I would highly recommend their services. James S. | Google Reviews

The entire visit was very comfortable and professional. All my questions were answered and my emails were responded timely. Dr. Verma and his team are very attentive and thorough. Thank you for such a great experience. Rupali M. | Google Reviews

Dr. Verma and his team are so attentive and thorough. I had a great experience. Dianna K. | Google Reviews

Dr. Verma and his whole team are class personified! They are all kind, nice, and were very thorough with me on the information given to me about what was being done, The Anesthesiologist role was, the Nurses, and receptionist were very helpful as well. I love my whole experience at Rush! I’ve been to other Hospitals and didn’t get the kind of respect and sincerity I deserved, but at Rush, I was treated like Family and with Respect. I strongly recommend anyone to go to Rush Hospital for anything. My children and Grandchildren will go to no other Hospital but Rush! Thank you Dr. Verma and your whole team and I Love You all! Vincent G. | Google Reviews

Dr. Verma and his staff were very punctual, knowledgeable, and thorough. I came to his office at 2:45pm and by 4:05 I was walking out having x-rays, my visit with doctor Verma and a MRI completed. The follow up video phone appt. was also punctual and I felt at ease knowing he looked at my test results thoroughly and came up with the best possible method of care. Erica D. | Google Reviews

I would say that Dr. Verma Is such a professional, kind, and caring person. I visited Dr. Verma for my right knee pain multiple times, he listened to my concerns, addressed them and prescribed medication accordingly. I personally recommend this doctor to those people who want to cure their knees… Sam A. | Google Reviews

I’ve just left your office for our final visit. My prognosis was good and I walked out with a spring in my step.
I didn’t say this properly—thank you.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your talents and care. Perhaps you heard this before; I have my life back because of you. I am truly grateful. One never appreciates the simple joys of walking or climbing stairs until it is painful to do so.
So, I’m off to live my life to the fullest thanks to you and your staff. I will be aware of this new beginning for a long time. And when I say my prayers at night, I will remember you, praying for your continued success and that you will have a long and. full and healthy life.
Loretta C. | Letter

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