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Knee Treatments

Injuries to the knee are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries and result in significant pain, loss of function and impaired ability to perform work or recreational activities. Dr. Nikhil Verma of Chicago, Illinois has extensive training and experience in managing knee conditions of all types. Dr. Verma will perform a thorough physical examination on all patients with knee pain or dysfunction, or after they experience a sports-related or general knee injury. Many knee injuries can be managed non-operatively with multiple modalities including medications, injections, physical therapy and a period of rest. If surgery is recommended after reaching a diagnosis, he will discuss the appropriate surgical approach that offers the best outcome. Dr. Verma is skilled and highly experienced in both arthroscopic and open surgery techniques of the knee. All injuries and patients represent a unique case, so no two treatment plans are similar. Before undergoing knee surgery, Dr. Verma and his orthopedic team will discuss pre-operative and post-operative guidelines and expectations that must be followed, as well as a physical therapy recovery program to reach the goal of a full recovery.

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