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MOR Sports Performance Center

Using evidence-based methods and the world’s best equipment at their state-of-the-art facility, our team at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) Sports Performance Center helps athletes of all levels transition from injury to a confident return to their sport. We have extensive experience working with athletes from professional teams like the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Fire, as well as little leaguers and club soccer teams.

Our belief is that all athletes deserve access to effective strength and conditioning programming derived from medically sound foundations. At MOR Sports Performance, we bridge the gap between sports medicine and sports performance.  Our programs don’t just get you back to activity, they also enhance performance – building strength, improving agility, addressing injury risk factors, and bolstering confidence for athletes returning to sport.


Our services are open to the public and are self-pay and not covered by insurance.

Lower Body Assessment

Using motion analysis, this assessment identifies injury risk factors through multiple dynamic tasks and provides an in-depth analysis of your strengths and a breakdown of injury risk. The Lower Body Package uses this analysis to customize programming that addresses strength and mobility issues causing mechanical breakdowns and inhibiting optimal performance.

$295 / Single Assessment

$1,400 / Package Program*

*Includes two (2) evaluations and ten (10) one-hour training sessions.

Throwing Assessment

The throwing assessment utilizes motion capture technology to recreate a 3D model of your throwing motion. Your throwing mechanics are analyzed to identify flaws and breakdowns in delivery which can lead to decreased performance and increased risk of injury. The custom programming in the Thrower’s Package addresses strength and mobility issues causing mechanical breakdowns discovered in the assessment.

Throwing Assessment Reports Includes:

  • Assessment of strength, whole body ROM, and balance
  • Summary of velocity and command
  • Analysis of 13 different joint measurements at multiple points of delivery compared to norms
  • Detailed breakdown of the timing between phases of the throwing motion
  • Measurement of 9 different stresses through shoulder and elbow only available through 3D motion analysis

$295 / Single Assessment

$140 Single 60-minute follow-up session

$1,400 / Package program*

$2.600 / Return to throw package**

*Includes two (2) evaluations and ten (10) one-hour training sessions.
**Includes three (3) evaluations and twenty (20) individual sessions of custom programming

Injury Risk Assessment

Using motion analysis and functional screening tools, this assessment provides a thorough evaluation identifying common risk factors for injury. This information can be incorporated into our Strength & Conditioning package to optimize your movement.

$195 / Single assessment (60 min.)

Running Analysis

Using motion capture technology, running form is analyzed to identify flaws that could be attributing to decreased performance or increased risk of injury. When combined with the Running Package, this comprehensive evaluation provides the information to build a strength and mobility program designed for you to achieve your goals.

$295 / Single assessment

$1,400/Package program*

Strength and Conditioning Services

Our Sports Medicine and Performance experts create customized fitness programming to address individual needs. This service is available to anyone looking to improve performance and reduce injury risk, even those that are currently injured. Athletes recovering from injury can work with us to address their injury while improving whole-body strength, fitness, and mobility deficits.

$140 / session (60-minute session)

$1,200 for a 10-session package*

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