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Karen Marshall

Posted on: August 21st, 2019 by Our Team


Due to the extent of the tear in my rotator cuff, my local surgeon could not guarantee me 100% usage of my arm if he performed my surgery. He referred me to Dr. Verma at Rush. There, I was told that I had a ‘massive tear’ and it would take quite awhile for recovery. At my first visit, Dr. Verma could tell I was in intense pain that radiated throughout my body. In questioning me, the fact that my knees were bone on bone and full of arthritis became a concern to him. He assured me that as soon as I was totally finished with my physical therapy on my shoulder, that he would address the issue of the left knee. He said knee replacement would probably be my option. Getting around was more than a task for me! First things first. I had my rotator cuff surgery and was sent to Athletico in Morris for my rehab. On arriving each day for physical therapy, my therapist, Amy Kozak, would always ask what my pain levels were. My response was, “In my shoulder, or my knee?” I was getting to the point that the shoulder was ‘pain free’, but my face showed the excruciating pain caused by my knee. Between Dr. Verma and Amy Kozak, they were able to devise a therapy plan, combined with prescription pain creams, and oral medication from my Primary Care Physician. I can now say that I have been totally “pain free” for over a month and, as I see it now, I am not going to need knee replacement anytime soon! Amy Kozak said to have success, you need three things, #1 A good doctor…#2 A good therapist…#3 A good patient…Well I have to say, I HAVE HAD THE BEST OF THE BEST and that caused me, at five months from my surgery date, to test out as ‘not even having surgery’ because I am so beyond their expectations in healing and usage of my arm and I have the added benefit of not needing knee replacement. The care and concern that I received from both Rush and Athletico is more than I could ever ask for! I showed my gratitude by doing what I love best, baking pies. They enabled me to once again roll out pie dough! If I could, I would bake them both a million pies to show how grateful I am for their help in restoring my life back to me!!! I was concerned that I might have to take up the sports of football or baseball to thank Dr. Verma, but I think he was happy with the pies!! I will be “Forever grateful”

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