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Meet the White Sox’s New Top Doc

Nikhil Verma, MD, goes to a lot of baseball games. An orthopedic sports medicine specialist and professor of orthopedic surgery at Rush, Verma also is the new head team physician for the Chicago White Sox. Although he just became...read more


High School Baseball’s Major Change

For the first time, the National High School Federation is requiring all states to adopt pitch count limits of some sort. There is not a national guideline, so some states are maxing out at 100 pitches per game, others...read more

Patient Stories

MOR Physicians Help Patient Get Back to Active Lifestyle

Rob Satek, 46, a resident of Michigan and Florida, refers to himself as a ‘hard sell’ when it comes to doctors. “I like to do things my way, even when it comes to my medical care,” he explains. However,...read more

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