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Hannah Douglas

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019 by Our Team


Three years ago my life changed when I fell and dislocated my shoulder playing softball. During these years I’ve experienced 6 dislocations, for which I’ve has to go to the ER for, and 2 previous surgeries. During both surgeries I had my labrum repaired and after that I thought my shoulder would heal, but I was wrong. After my shoulder continuously kept having the same issues over and over again, they recommend I see Dr. Verma. So my Mom & I traveled 3 hours looking for some answers, and boy did we find them! Verma answered any questions I could ever think of and then some! He told me exactly what he was going to do to fix it, and got me into surgery in less than a month! It was a newer procedure and I was so nervous, although I had a very tough recovery, I no longer live in fear that my shoulder will pop out. It’s been now more than 6 months since I’ve had a dislocation, or experienced any subluxation. I couldn’t be more grateful for Verma’s help and skills to make my shoulder new.

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