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Patient Testimonials

John Nile Wendorf

In July, 2017, I was on the loosing end of a battle for “King of the Mountain.”  It was me versus four grandkids.  The result was multiple tears to the left rotator cuff as well as some other shoulder...read more

Patient Testimonials

Mark Obrycki

After 3 years of keeping my shoulder stabilized in the gym, an acute event occurred and I had a complete tear in my supraspinatus, a partial tear in my infraspinatus a SLAP tear and problems with my AC joint. ...read more

Patient Testimonials

Jayne van den Brink

I had both of my shoulders replaced in 2017 by Dr. Verma–one in June and one in November.  I could not be happier with this excellent surgeon.  Prior to surgery he explained everything and took the time to listen...read more

Patient Testimonials

Christina Klinepeter

Multi-National Champion and USA Karate Team Athlete “Dr. Verma and his team are world class. I was so disappointed when I found out that my ACL was completely torn and would require surgery. This was my first serious injury...read more

Patient Testimonials

Jim Sankovich

“I had Pec Major reconstructive surgery done in May of 2013 by Dr. Verma. The knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and outstanding service by Dr. Verma, Jamie, and his entire staff was amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Verma and Midwest...read more

Patient Testimonials

Libby Bankott

“Dear Dr. Verma, Today, for the first time in over six months I on a tennis court – hitting balls! Of course it was only a 30 minute light hit, but it was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! And so, I...read more

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