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Mark Obrycki

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by Our Team

After 3 years of keeping my shoulder stabilized in the gym, an acute event occurred and I had a complete tear in my supraspinatus, a partial tear in my infraspinatus a SLAP tear and problems with my AC joint.  I searched out the best rated orthopedic surgeons and found Dr. Verma and his team.  What a blessing that was!  At 54 years old and an active water skier, I thought those days were over.  Dr. Verma and his team repaired my entire shoulder and bicept with the best compassion and professionalism I have ever received from a medical team.  At only three months post-surgery, my physical therapist said he would never have guessed that I was post-op!  It has only been nine months since my surgery and I am back to hitting the slalom course!  I highly recommend Dr. Verma and his entire staff, and already have done so to several co-workers.  I cannot be happier with my outcome!  THANK YOU DR. VERMA!

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