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Maggie C

Posted on: August 6th, 2019 by Our Team

Maggie is in good spirits and continues to work hard toward her dream of playing D1 softball. She is even more motivated now than before surgery and is excited to get back on the mound playing the game she loves.

Our experience with Dr. Verma and his staff has been amazing! Dr. Verma is compassionate and well advanced in the world of sports. He understands his athletes and the necessary steps to advance them to recovery! Not only does he care about repairing the athlete, but teaches the importance of protecting the athlete from future injury. His staff made the process go  smoothly from start to finish, despite this bump in the road and the lengthy recovery time following Tommy John surgery.  Maggie has received top notch care from Dr. Verma and his staff from the beginning to the end. We appreciate him more than he knows!

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