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Ellie Curtis

Posted on: May 20th, 2019 by Our Team

Ellie Curtis, freshman at Lockport Township High School, came to Dr. Verma in July 2018 as result of pain in her right knee while pitching for her travel softball team. Her diagnosis was Osteochondritis Dissecans. After 3 months of physical therapy with little improvement, Dr. Verma suggested surgery. She underwent knee surgery in October 2018 where she had 3 titanium screws put in and had to be non-weight bearing with crutches for 2 months. She had follow up surgery in December 2018 to remove the screws and also continued physical therapy.  Dr. Verma stated the typical recovery time would be 4-6 months. With the guidance of Dr. Verma and her physical therapists, in less than 4 months, Ellie was cleared for high school softball tryouts. In February 2019, she made the junior varsity softball team and had a successful season. We cannot thank Dr. Verma enough for his surgical expertise and continued encouragement during an extremely difficult time. At a time when we were very uncertain about her prognosis, Dr. Verma’s protocol provided Ellie with a great deal of success in high school and in the future. We are so blessed and thankful for Dr. Verma that Ellie can now enjoy daily activities again pain free.

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