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Preventing Golf Injuries

Posted on: October 22nd, 2018 by Our Team

Staying safe will help you stay on the course

If you think of golf as a low-impact sport, you might be surprised by a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that found nearly 60 percent of amateur golfers will injure themselves at least once while playing the game.

Preventing injuries requires a little time and effort, but can keep you on the course in the long run.

The most common golfing injuries occur in the elbow, shoulder, wrist, back and abdominal muscles, says Rush Orthopedics sports medicine surgeon Nikhil Verma, MD. No matter where the injury, the cause is likely to be overuse.

“Golfing injuries are almost always a result of repetitive motion that increases the loads on tendons or muscles,” he explains. When you swing a golf club a few dozen times, you’re stressing the same muscles, tendons and joints over and over.

Verma offers the following advice for protecting yourself when you hit the links:

Preventing Golf Injuries

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