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Knee Specialist & Shoulder Surgeon – Winnetka IL

Knee Specialist & Shoulder Surgeon Serving Residents of Winnetka, IL

Winnetka, Illinois is part of Chicago’s affluent North Shores. The North Shores consists of several wealthy communities that border the shores of Lake Michigan. With such a close proximity to Lake Michigan, Winnetka residents are able to swim, paddle board, ride bikes and jog in order to stay active and fit. Recreational activities are a great way for residents to stay healthy, but sports injuries and overuse injuries can occur. Dr. Nikhil Verma, shoulder surgeon, elbow doctor and knee specialist, is available to treat residents of Winnetka at his nearby office locations if an orthopedic injury occurs.

Shoulder Surgeon, Elbow Doctor and Knee Specialist Treating Winnetka, IL Residents

Winnetka, Illinois is uniquely settled along the North Shores and Lake Michigan, and just 17 miles from the bustling city of Chicago. One of Chicago and Winnetka’s best attributes is Lake Michigan. Throughout the year, residents are able to enjoy athletic activities along the shoreline and in the water. Popular recreational activities include swimming, paddle boarding, jet skiing, bicycle riding and jogging.

All of these recreational activities help keep local residents in fantastic shape, but residents run the risk of experiencing an overuse injury or sports injury.

Dr. Verma, knee specialist and shoulder surgeon, specializes in:

Sports Physician Specializing in High School Sports and Overuse Injuries in Winnetka, IL Students

High school students living in Winnetka, Illinois attend New Trier High School. The sports program at New Trier High School is part of a diverse co-curricular program. The educational organization encourages student participation and competition in athletic programs throughout the year.

Athletic participation is a popular activity in Winnetka high school students even though the risk of an overuse injury or sports injury is present. The most common sports injuries treated by Dr. Verma in young athletes include ACL tears, concussions, shin splints, hamstring strains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder dislocations and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Any student athlete who begins to experience pain or general discomfort in any joint during or after athletic activities is encouraged to visit a sports physician at the onset of symptoms. Delaying a proper diagnosis and treatment plan has the possibility of the injury progressing into a chronic condition.

Winnetka, Illinois residents who have experienced an overuse injury or sports injury during recreational activities at Lake Michigan, or during high school sports, are encouraged to contact Dr. Nikhil Verma, shoulder surgeon, elbow doctor and knee specialist.

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