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Elbow Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist – Bolingbrook IL

Elbow Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist Serving Bolingbrook, IL Athletes

The village of Bolingbrook, Illinois is a southwest suburb of Chicago and is the state’s second largest “village.” As a larger suburb, Bolingbrook offers residents numerous ways to stay active and healthy all year, including high school sports and the Bolingbrook Golf Club. Elbow surgeon and shoulder specialist, Dr. Nikhil Verma serves Bolingbrook residents who have experienced a sports injury in his Chicago area orthopedic office. Dr. Verma is an expert at returning his patients to the athletic activities they love following an injury.

Knee Doctor, Elbow Surgeon and Shoulder Specialist can Help Bolingbrook, IL High School Athletes Return to the Game

Bolingbrook, Illinois offers several public schools, as well as private schools, for high school students. The public schools include Bolingbrook High School, Plainfield North and Plainfield East High Schools, Nauqua Valley High School, Naperville and Naperville Central High Schools and Downers Grove South High School. All of these high schools provide students the ability to participate in fall, winter and spring sports.

High school athletes account for approximately 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations each year, with over 62% of sports-related injuries occurring during practice. With a specialty in sports medicine, Dr. Verma is available to help Bolingbrook high school athletes return to the game following a sports injury or overuse injury.

Dr. Verma, elbow surgeon and shoulder specialist, specializes in:

Sports Orthopedic Doctor Aims to Return Bolingbrook, IL Golfers Following a Sports Injury

Many Bolingbrook, Illinois residents enjoy a relaxing round of golf during the warmer, mild months. Bolingbrook is home to the Boughton Ridge Golf Course, a 9-hole course owned and managed by the award-winning Bolingbrook Park District. The Bolingbrook Golf Club is a municipal facility that offers golfing athletes 18-holes of championship golf.

Golf injuries are reported to affect approximately 15-20% of golfers each year. The most common golf injuries are associated with overuse because of the repetitive golf swing. The most common golfing injuries treated by Dr. Verma include golfer’s elbow, knee pain and shoulder pain. Many golfing athletes are able to return to the course with simple, conservative, at-home treatments prescribed by Dr. Verma.

If you are a Bolingbrook, Illinois resident who experienced a golf overuse injury, or are a high school athlete who experienced a sports injury, please contact Dr. Nikhil Verma, elbow surgeon and shoulder specialist.

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