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Knee Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist – Waukegan IL

Knee Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist Available to Treat Waukegan, IL Residents

Waukegan, Illinois is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. As a suburb of Chicago, local residents are able to visit the bustling city of Chicago at any time, as well as visit the local shoreline of popular Lake Michigan. Residents of Waukegan who love to remain active have an advantage of living in close proximity to the lake and large, open green spaces. They are able to swim, bike, hike and go horseback riding in warmer months, and cross country ski and snowshoe during the colder months. No matter the season or athletic activity, Dr. Nikhil Verma, knee surgeon and shoulder specialist, treats Waukegan athletes who have become injured while enjoying the activities they love.

Elbow Doctor, Shoulder Surgeon and Knee Specialist Serving Waukegan, IL High School Athletes

Waukegan, Illinois high school students attend one of three local schools. The high schools are Waukegan High School – Washington Campus, Waukegan High School – Brookside Campus and an Alternative/Optional Education Center. The two main high school campuses offer popular fall, winter and spring sports to their student bodies. Many students join athletic teams to remain active and to represent their school and community in a positive manner.

Sports-related injuries can have a substantial impact on a high school student’s long-term health. Many young athletes “play through the pain,” often causing more severe injuries that requires surgical treatment. Dr. Verma strives to return high school athletes to the game they love utilizing minimally invasive treatments.

Sports Medicine Specialist Treating Lake Michigan Athletes Living in Waukegan, IL

Lake Michigan and the surrounding green spaces have many sporting activities to excite any level of outdoor athlete. Local residents and visitors of Waukegan, Illinois often visit this popular area to bird watch, play frisbee on the shoreline or explore miles of trails by foot or bike.

While Lake Michigan provides an exciting atmosphere for outdoor athletes, sports injuries can occur. Biking injuries most commonly affect the shoulder during downhill riding or a fall, and include a broken collarbone or clavicle fracture, AC joint sprain, shoulder dislocation and other soft tissue injuries. Common hiking injuries include hyperextension or twisting knee injuries resulting in soft tissue injuries to the joint. Trail running injuries often affect the knee joint, much like hiking, and include patella tendonitis, IT band syndrome and shin splints.

Dr. Verma, knee surgeon and shoulder specialist, specializes in:

Waukegan, Illinois residents who experience a sports injury while enjoying Lake Michigan, or experience an overuse injury while competing in high school sports, are encouraged to contact knee surgeon and shoulder specialist Dr. Nikhil Verma.

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