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Kenosha, Wisconsin lies on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, and is considered a city where many local residents visit Chicago. Kenosha residents are able to enjoy eight beautiful miles of Lake Michigan shoreline frontage, over 10 miles of trails at Petrifying Springs Park, the Washington Park Velodrome and a number of golf courses. With all of these athletic areas available to residents, comes the increased risk of a resident experiencing a sports injury or overuse injury. Dr. Nikhil Verma, shoulder specialist and elbow surgeon, is available to treat a wide number of sports and overuse injuries in the athletic population of Kenosha.

Kenosha, WI Sports Medicine Doctor, Shoulder Specialist, Knee Surgeon & Elbow Doctor

Lake Michigan is a beautiful area to enjoy time outdoors while running, hiking and biking on miles of trails. Kenosha, Wisconsin residents are able to visit the gorgeous shorelines throughout the year to stay active and healthy.

Even though Lake Michigan provides an amazing atmosphere for outdoor enthusiasts, sports injuries can occur. Common hiking injuries include hyperextension or twisting knee injuries resulting in soft tissue injuries to the joint. Trail running injuries often affect the knee joint, much like hiking, and include patella tendonitis, IT band syndrome and shin splints. Biking injuries can also occur and more commonly affect the shoulder during downhill riding or a fall, and include a broken collarbone or clavicle fracture, AC joint sprain, shoulder dislocation and other soft tissue injuries.

Kenosha, WI Knee Specialist and Shoulder Doctor Treating Bicycle Athletes

Kenosha, Wisconsin is home to the Washington Park Velodrome, the longest-operating 333-meter track that opened in 1927. The sports facility offers specialized bicycle athletes the ability to learn, train and race at a competitive and fun outdoor track.

Road and track biking provides a great form of exercise, but acute and overuse injuries are quite common in bicycle athletes. Residents often experience an injury during a fall, from overtraining or from poor bike fit. Common injuries seen by Dr. Verma include patellar tendonitis, broken clavicles, AC joint dislocations, muscle tightness and muscle fatigue.

Sports Medicine Specialist Serving Kenosha, WI Competitive Athletes

Kenosha, Wisconsin residents are able to watch competitive athletes represent the local area in baseball and football. The Kenosha Cougars are a semi-professional football team that plays home games at Ameche Field. The Kenosha Kingfish are a baseball team in the Northwoods League.

Baseball and football are extremely popular sports in the United States with men of all ages competing at numerous athletic levels.  Unfortunately, many baseball athletes and football athletes experience sports injuries and overuse injuries. The most common baseball injuries include rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, elbow tendonitis and UCL injuries. The most common football injuries include knee ligament injuries, meniscus tears, concussions and heat-related illnesses.

Dr. Verma, shoulder specialist and elbow surgeon, specializes in these conditions and treatments:

If you live in Kenosha, WI and have experienced a sports injury while enjoying the local recreational areas, or have experienced an overuse injury while engaging in competitive sports, please contact Dr. Nikhil Verma, shoulder specialist and elbow surgeon.

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