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Knee Specialist & Elbow Surgeon – Merrillville IN

Knee Specialist & Elbow Surgeon Serving Merrillville, IN Residents

Merrillville, Indiana is located in the east-central portion of Lake County, in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. The city enjoys great diversity and is rich with business districts that help support local residents. It is estimated Merrillville’s population grows substantially every weekday due to shoppers and workers within city limits. Residents of this quiet city are fairly active with a parks and recreational organization that caters to all ages. With a number of parks, trails and recreational activities available, certain residents may experience a sports injury or overuse injury during the year. If an injury occurs, Dr. Nikhil Verma, knee specialist and elbow surgeon, treats Merrillville residents in his nearby orthopedic office locations.

Shoulder Specialist, Elbow Doctor and Knee Surgeon Treating Active Residents of Merrillville, IN

Merrillville, Indiana’s Park District provides residents with a number of parks with recreational facilities and open spaces, including Forest Hills Park, Hendricks Park, Jennings Park, Rosenbalm Park and Southbrook Park. Many of these parks, as well as other local parks, offer residents miles of trails to enjoy the weather while walking, jogging or running. Certain trails even provide a safe, dedicated environment for bicyclists.

The Merrillville Parks and Recreation Department also offers youth, adult and senior programs to local residents. Children ages 3-15 years are able to participate in dance, hockey and skating, adults up to 55 years are able to enjoy yoga and dancing and seniors 55 years and older are able to participate in aerobics.

With all of these recreational activities available to residents of all ages, comes the risk of a resident experiencing a sports injury or overuse injury.

Dr. Verma, knee specialist and elbow surgeon, specializes in:

Sports Doctor for Merrillville, IN Running, Biking and Hiking Athletes

Residents of Merrillville, Indiana visit many of the other large Chicago suburbs throughout the year to enjoy the fresh air and to stay active. Common recreational areas visited by residents include:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Poplar Creek Preserve
  • Berwyn Park District and Recreational Department
  • Des Plaines River Trails
  • Lincoln Park
  • Cook County Forest Preserves

With the wide number of parks and recreational areas always available for running, biking and hiking athletes, some of these athletes will experience a sports injury or overuse injury.

If you are a resident of Merrillville, Indiana who has experienced a sports injury or overuse injury, please contact the office of Dr. Nikhil Verma, knee specialist and elbow surgeon.

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