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Shoulder Specialist & Knee Surgeon – Hammond IL

Shoulder Specialist & Knee Surgeon Available to Treat Active Residents of Hammond, IL

Hammond, Illinois may be a small community with fewer than 1,000 residents, but many of these residents are quite active since they are in close proximity to Chicago and the other larger suburbs. Many Hammond residents visit Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, surrounding golf courses and area parks and recreational facilities. Shoulder specialist and knee surgeon, Dr. Nikhil Verma specializes in sports injuries, as well as orthopedic injuries to the shoulder, elbow and knee joints. Dr. Verma strives to return all Hammond patients to the athletic activities they love following an injury.

Sports Doctor for Hammond, IL Running, Biking and Hiking Athletes

Hammond, Illinois residents visit many of the larger Chicago suburbs throughout the year to enjoy the fresh air and to stay active. Common recreational areas visited by residents include:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Poplar Creek Preserve
  • Berwyn Park District and Recreational Department
  • Des Plaines River Trails
  • Lincoln Park
  • Cook County Forest Preserves

With the wide number of parks and recreational areas always available for running, biking and hiking athletes, some of these athletes will experience a sports or overuse injury during the year.

Dr. Verma, shoulder specialist and knee surgeon, specializes in these conditions and treatments:

Knee Specialist and Shoulder Doctor Serving the Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond, IL Knights

Hammond, Illinois high school students attend the Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond High School, home of the Knights. Even though this high school is smaller than some of the local high schools, students still have the opportunity to participate in numerous sports, including football, volleyball, soccer, golf, cross country, basketball, track, baseball and softball, as well as marching band.

Dr. Verma often visits with patients involved in bands, symphonies and other music organizations, such as high school marching bands. Overuse injuries in instrument musicians are quite common, caused by countless hours of holding and playing an instrument during practice and performances. Musicians are prone to numerous joint overuse injuries, including tendonitis, bursitis and muscle injuries.

While high school sports are great for students, numerous teens will experience a sports injury or overuse injury during the school year. Common sports injuries include concussions, bruises, fractures, ligament injuries and muscle injuries, while overuse injuries include tendonitis, bursitis and stress fractures typically caused by repetitive movements.

If you have experienced a sports injury while engaging in recreational activities, or have experienced an overuse injury while participating in high school sports, please contact Dr. Nikhil Verma, shoulder specialist and knee surgeon.

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