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Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Physician – Skokie IL

Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician Treating Skokie, IL Residents

Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician, Dr. Nikhil Verma treats active residents of Skokie, Illinois who have experienced an injury to the elbow, shoulder or knee joint. Skokie residents have the opportunity to bike over 45 miles of paths and routes, join an athletic league or visit one of the many parks and recreational facilities within city limits. All of these activities are popular options for local residents who desire to remain physically active year round.

Knee Specialist, Shoulder Doctor and Elbow Surgeon Treating Skokie, IL Bicycling Enthusiasts

The village of Skokie, Illinois offers local residents over 45 miles of bike paths and routes throughout the community. The majority of dedicated bike areas are accessible and convenient for riders all over the city. Bicycle safety is a major concern of the local police department. The Chief of Police has developed a safety brochure dedicated to bicycling safety that is available online and at the city offices.

Even though bicycle safety is strongly promoted, Skokie bicycling enthusiasts may experience a sports injury or overuse injury from riding. Cyclists traveling at high rates of speed, cyclists not wearing a helmet and other protective gear and cyclists involved in competitive racing are at an elevated risk of becoming injured. Common sports injuries and overuse injuries treated in the bicycling community include concussions, fractures, sprains and strains, dislocations, runner’s knee and contusions.

Sports Doctor Available to Treat Skokie, IL Active Residents

The Skokie Park District is dedicated to providing adventure, discovery, fitness and fun to local Skokie, Illinois residents. The organization offers a number of athletic leagues, summer camps, the Old Orchard Rink and the Skatium Ice Arena so residents of all ages are able to remain active, even during the cold, winter months.

Athletic leagues and other activities and facilities provided by the Park District are a great way for locals to get outdoors and engage in sporting activities. Many of these activities are even ideal for families to participate in together. The downside to a number of athletic activities is the risk of a sports injury or overuse injury.

Dr. Verma, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician, specializes in:

Skokie, Illinois is also home to a number of public and private schools and post-secondary educational facilities, many that offer a diverse sports program for students. Student athletes are able to remain active, learn lifelong healthy living behaviors and represent their local community all while competing in the sports they love. If a young athlete experiences a sports injury during a traumatic event, or an overuse injury from repetitive motions, they are encouraged to contact a sports physician, such as Dr. Verma, as soon as possible.

If you live in Skokie, Illinois and have experienced a sports injury or overuse injury to the elbow, shoulder or knee joint, please contact orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Nikhil Verma.

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