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Shoulder Surgeon & Elbow Specialist – Des Plaines IL

Shoulder Surgeon & Elbow Specialist Serving the Des Plaines, IL Area

Des Plaines, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago and named after the beautiful Des Plaines River that flows through the center of the city. Des Plaines residents have the benefit of the Des Plaines River trails being right outside their front door that allows recreational athletes the ability to run, bike and canoe on miles and miles of trails. Shoulder surgeon and elbow specialist, Dr. Nikhil Verma specializes in treating recreational athletes for a wide variety of sports and orthopedic injuries of the shoulder, elbow and knee.

Knee Specialist, Shoulder Doctor & Elbow Specialist can Return Recreational Athletes to the Des Plaines, IL River Water Trails

The Des Plaines River begins in Wisconsin and flows south into the Des Plaines, Illinois area as a small, prairie stream. The Lake and Cook County Forest Preserve Districts have protected long stretches of the river by developing a Des Plaines River greenway and bike trails. Local residents are able to use the beautiful, natural setting to jog, bike and canoe throughout the year.

Canoeing injuries are not very common, but many running and biking recreational athletes experience sports injuries. Common running injuries include shin splints, runner’s knee, cartilage injuries and ligament injuries, while biking injuries include shoulder fractures, dislocated shoulders and muscles injuries.

Dr. Verma, shoulder surgeon and elbow specialist, specializes in:

Sports Physician Serving Des Plaines, IL College Athletes

Des Plaines, Illinois is home of Oakton Community College. The educational institution provides students plenty of opportunities to get involved in athletic programs, including intramural play or an intercollegiate sports team. Oakton Community College students have the opportunity to compete in 12 intercollegiate sports, including soccer, golf, tennis, basketball and baseball. Intramurals, everything from basketball to table tennis, are also a great way for students to stay active.

Sports Doctor Serving Des Plaines, IL High School Athletes

Des Plaines high school students attend Maine West High School (MWHS). The athletic program at MWHS competes in the Central Suburban League. The school offers common fall, winter and spring sports to all students. Many students join teams to remain active and represent their school and community.

Sports-related injuries can have a substantial impact on a high school, as well as a college, student’s long-term health. Many young athletes “play through the pain,” often causing more severe injuries that requires surgical treatment. Dr. Verma strives to return high school and college athletes to the game they love utilizing conservative, non-surgical treatments.

If you are a Des Plaines, Illinois resident and experienced a sports injury or overuse injury from athletic activities, please contact shoulder surgeon and elbow specialist Dr. Nikhil Verma.

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