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Sports Medicine Physician & Orthopedic Specialist – Orland Park IL

Sports Medicine Physician and Orthopedic Specialist Available to Treat Orland Park, IL Residents

Located approximately 25 miles southwest of Chicago, Orland Park, Illinois boasts a very large Recreation and Parks Department, as well as several competitive high school sports programs. Many residents in this suburb enjoy spending time outdoors engaging in recreational athletic activities, and some of these residents will experience a sports injury or overuse injury at some point. When an injury occurs, Dr. Nikhil Verma, sports medicine physician and orthopedic specialist, is available to diagnose and treat the injury so Orland Park residents can return to the activities they love.

Sports Physician Treating High School Athletes of Orland Park, IL

Because of Orland Park, Illinois’ large population, three high schools serve the city, including Carl Sandburg High School, Victor J. Andrew High School and Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. Carl Sandburg High School (CSHS) is well-known in the local area for its great sports teams that have won numerous Regional, Sectional and State titles over the years.

All three schools offer students a wide number of athletic programs to participate in during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Many Orland Park students compete in more than one sport each school year and are prone to sports injuries, such as concussions, bruises, fractures and soft tissue injuries. Certain students prefer to engage and focus on only sport each school year and are at an elevated risk of overuse injuries caused by repetitive joint movements, including stress fractures, bursitis and tendonitis.

Dr. Verma, sports medicine physician and orthopedic specialist, specializes in:

Elbow Specialist, Shoulder Doctor and Knee Surgeon for Orland Park, IL Recreational Athletes

Recreational athletes are very common in Orland Park, Illinois because of the city’s large Recreation and Parks Department, public events and seasonal events. The city of Orland Park hosts numerous public, charity and seasonal events, such as the Orland Park Turkey Trot, to help residents stay active and engaged in the community.

With over 60 parks and recreational facilities in the area, local residents are able to remain healthy, physically active and fit. Popular facilities include:

  • The Centennial Park Aquatic Center that features six water slides, two large pools and sand volleyball courts.
  • Lake Sedgewick which features a 95 acre lake, miles of hiking paths, nature trails and kayaks.
  • Winter Wonderland Ice Rink that is open every November to March.
  • Sportsplex which is the city’s largest indoor recreational facility that features basketball courts, soccer fields, fitness classes, a rock wall and much more.

If you have experienced a sports injury while visiting one of Orland Park, Illinois’ many recreational facilities, or an overuse injury while competing in high school sports, please contact sports medicine physician and orthopedic specialist Dr. Nikhil Verma.

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