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Located in the affluent North Shore region, Glenview, Illinois is home to the Historic Wagner Farm, The Grove and an amazing Park District. Glenview residents of all ages enjoy spending time outdoors and engaging in athletic activities throughout the year. Unfortunately, certain residents may experience an orthopedic injury involving the shoulder, elbow or knee joint. If an injury occurs, Dr. Nikhil Verma, elbow specialist and shoulder surgeon, is available to diagnose and treat the injury in a minimally invasive approach at his nearby office locations.

Sports Medicine Surgeon Specializing in Glenview, IL High School Orthopedic Injuries

High school students living in Glenview, Illinois attend one of three schools, Glenbrook South High School, New Trier High School or Maine East High School. All three educational organizations provide their student body with a diverse athletic program that includes fall, winter and spring sports.

No matter the high school sport, there is a risk of a student experiencing an orthopedic injury during a traumatic event or from overuse. It is reported about 90% of high school athletes will experience a sports-related injury at some point. Football, lacrosse, baseball, softball and cheerleading are the most common sports associated with sports injuries and overuse injuries. Students involved in these athletic activities are prone to muscle injuries, ligament tears, concussions, contusions, sprains and strains, fractures and growth-related injuries.

Dr. Verma, elbow specialist and shoulder surgeon, specializes in:

Knee Doctor, Elbow Specialist and Shoulder Surgeon Providing Orthopedic Treatment to Glenview, IL Active Residents

The Glenview Park District operates a variety of facilities and recreational areas for local residents, including two outdoor pools, an ice center, two golf courses, a tennis club, outdoor skating and sledding and numerous parks. Glenview, Illinois is also home to The Park Center and The Grove. The Park Center is Illinois’ largest multi-purpose community center that offers an indoor pool, a health and fitness center and adult and youth sports programs. The Grove is a prairie area with nature trails for walking, jogging and running.

The Glenview Park District offers residents an ideal environment to remain active, fit and healthy year round. Because so many activities are available throughout the year, certain locals may experience an orthopedic injury to the knee, elbow or shoulder joint.

If you are a Glenview, Illinois resident who experienced an orthopedic injury during high school sports or recreational sporting activities, please contact the office of Dr. Nikhil Verma, elbow specialist and shoulder surgeon.

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