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Knee Surgeon & Rotator Cuff Specialist – Cicero IL

Knee Surgeon & Rotator Cuff Specialist Serving Cicero, IL

Cicero, Illinois, named after the town of Cicero, New York, is an unincorporated town in Cook County. With an estimated 84,000 residents, Cicero is the tenth largest municipality in the state. Cicero offers local residents a number of athletic activities to enjoy, such as high school sports, college sports and the Hawthorne Parks District. The Hawthorne Parks District offers athletic leagues, recreational facilities and over 22 acres of park land for biking, jogging and engaging in friendly sports competition. Knee surgeon and rotator cuff specialist, Dr. Nikhil Verma is available to diagnose and treat sports injuries, as well as orthopedic injuries of the elbow, shoulder and knee, in Cicero residents.

Shoulder Doctor and Knee Specialist Serving Cicero, IL Weekend Warrior Athletes

The Hawthorne Park District provides recreational services and opportunities to Cicero, Illinois residents. The District owns/leases five park sites totaling over 22 acres. Hawthorne Park District offers residents:

  • Soccer fields
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Sports leagues

Certain Cicero residents consider themselves “weekend warrior athletes,” or an athlete that engages in demanding recreational sporting activities on weekends despite minimal physical activity throughout the week. While any physical activity is beneficial, certain Cicero residents may experience a sports injury while playing soccer, volleyball, basketball or baseball if the body is not properly trained and conditioned.

Dr. Verma, knee surgeon and rotator cuff specialist, specializes in these conditions and treatments:

Sports Medicine Specialist Keeping Cicero, IL High School and College Athletes Active

High school students in Cicero, Illinois attend J. Sterling Morton High School East, home of the Mustangs. Not only does J. Sterling Morton High School East offer 26 athletic programs to students, but it also offers a comprehensive sports program dedicated to more than just the actual sport. The program is aimed at developing athletic achievement as an integral part of the student’s overall education. Sports are not just an activity at this school; they are part of the overall culture and teach students how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle well beyond their high school years.

Cicero is also home to the Morton College Panthers. This National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) member provides students the opportunity to play soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country, softball and volleyball at a competitive level.

With a variety of sports programs available all year, many students at both the high school and college level are able to engage in one or more sports. Dr. Verma, sports medicine specialist, treats many young athletes that have experienced an acute injury or overuse injury during the school year. Acute injuries often include sprains, strains, dislocations, bruises and fractures, while overuse injuries often include stress fractures, growth-related injuries and tendonitis.

If you are a Cicero, Illinois resident and experienced a sports injury or overuse injury from athletic activities, please contact knee surgeon and rotator cuff specialist Dr. Nikhil Verma.

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