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Rehabilitation Guidelines for Meniscal Root Repair

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Verma or either Physician Assistant supersede the instructions below and should be followed.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Guidelines for Meniscal Root Repair

0-6 Weeks:

  • NWB in brace in extension with crutches
  • Brace in extension for sleeping 0-2 wks
  • Active/Passive ROM 0-90 degrees
  • Quad sets, SLR, Heel Slides
  • Patellar Mobilizaton

6 Weeks:

  • Advance to FWBAT
  • May unlock brace
  • Progress with ROM until full
  • No weight bearing with knee flexion past 90 degrees

6-8 Weeks:

  • D/C brace when quad strength adequate
  • D/C crutches when gait normalized
  • Wall sits to 90 degrees

8-12 Weeks:

  • WBAT without brace
  • Full ROM
  • Progress with closed chain excercises
  • Lunges from 0-90 degrees
  • Leg press 0-90 degrees
  • Proprioception excercises
  • Begin Stationary Bike

12-16 Weeks:

  • Progress Strengthening exercises
  • Single leg strengthening
  • Begin jogging and progress to running
  • Sports specific exercise

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