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Post-Operative Rehabilitation Guidelines for Medial/Lateral Epicondyle Debridement

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Guidelines for Medial/Lateral Epicondyle Debridement

0-6 Weeks:

  • Posterior mold splint and sling until first post-op visit
  • Splint removed and use of cock up wrist splint for weeks 2-6
  • Advance PROM into AAROM and AROM as tolerated
  • No resisted supination or pronation
  • No lifting
  • Desensitization and scar massage as soon as sutures are removed

6-12 Weeks:

  • Once motion achieved, progress into bands
  • Lifting initiated in forearm supination or neutral
  • Light lifting with pronation initiated as tolerated by week 9

12-16 Weeks:

  • Progress lifting in all forearm positions as tolerated
  • Full return to activity as tolerated

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