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Rehabilitation Guidelines for AC Joint Reconstruction

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Verma or either Physician Assistant supersede the instructions below and should be followed.

Weeks 1-6:

  • No formal PT x6 weeks
  • Sling for 6 weeks
  • AROM at elbow and wrist only
  • Grip strengthening OK

Weeks 6-12:

  • PROM 0-90 FF, 0-45 ABD MAX, ER/IR as tolerated
  • Elbow / wrist / hand ROM ok
  • NO cross body adduction for 8 weeks
  • Isometric exercises in all planes
  • NO RROM shoulder flexion until 12 weeks post-op

Weeks 12+:

  • Progressive full AAROM > AROM of the shoulder
  • Isotonic shoulder exercises
  • NO RROM shoulder flexion until 12 week post-op, and has regained range of motion.

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