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Knee Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist – Oak Park IL

Knee Surgeon & Shoulder Specialist Treating Active Residents of
Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, Illinois is located immediately west of Chicago. Considered a bicycle-friendly community, local residents love to remain active by joining a cycle club, participating in recreational sports or competing at the high school level. No matter the sporting activity, Oak Park residents may experience a sports injury during a traumatic event or an overuse injury from repetitive joint motions. Knee surgeon and shoulder specialist, Dr. Nikhil Verma is highly trained and experienced at diagnosing and treating common orthopedic injuries affecting the shoulder, elbow and knee joints.

Elbow Specialist and Shoulder Doctor Treating Overuse Injuries in Oak Park, IL Musicians

The Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest has been a vital part of Oak Park’s arts and culture environment for over 80 years. The musical organization is one of the nation’s oldest community orchestras. Dr. Verma often visits with musicians involved in various organizations, such as an orchestra. Overuse injuries are fairly common in instrument musicians from many hours of holding and playing an instrument. Over six hours of play per day can lead to muscle injuries, tendonitis and bursitis.

Knee Doctor and Sports Medicine Specialist Treating Oak Park, IL Bicycle Athletes

Oak Park, Illinois is considered a bicycle-friendly community with several cycle clubs and groups. The city’s tree-lined streets and close proximity to trails attracts a wide number of bicycle athletes. Even though bicycling is considered a lower-impact sport, overuse injuries and sports injuries can occur, such as runner’s knee, fractures, dislocations and sprains and strains.

Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Injuries in Oak Park, IL High School and Recreational Athletes

Oak Park, Illinois is served by the Oak Park Park District that is composed of 13 parks on 80 acres of parkland. The district allows local residents to utilize swimming pools, an official sized ice rink and synthetic-turf playing fields throughout the year in order to help residents stay active and healthy.

Oak Park is home to two high schools – Oak Park and River Forest High School (public) and Fenwick High School (private). Both high schools allow their student bodies to compete in fall, winter and spring athletic programs, such as basketball, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, water polo, football and baseball.

Whether the Oak Park resident is a high school athlete or a mature aged adult, a sports injury can occur during any athletic activities.

Knee surgeon and shoulder specialist, Dr. Verma specializes in:

Oak Park, Illinois residents who have experienced an injury during sporting activities are encouraged to contact Dr. Nikhil Verma, knee surgeon and shoulder specialist.

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